Mixed-Use & Multi-Family

Our mixed-use and multi-family teams offer cross-functional knowledge, many bringing experience from the hospitality sector to inform their work. The design process for these projects is deeply collaborative; we are versed in the complex needs of these properties and explore what will make each project most successful.

BRR does not approach these projects with a standard checklist, we work to understand the goals and design with that knowledge in mind.

View some of our mixed-use and multi-family projects below or visit our blog.

Our approach to multi-family projects

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Our experience spans a variety of jurisdictions, from rural, suburban to urban areas. We make considerations for each project based on this experience which helps expedite the projects towards approvals.

Community & Neighborhood Advocacy

We do what it takes to engage the communities where our clients build projects. We attend town hall meetings and advocate for projects using our historical experience and work to gain support for each project.

We really like to work hand-in-hand with our client. This isn’t our project or development, it’s theirs.
Nicole Curry | Vice President & Director of Mixed-Use and Multi-Family

Video: Multi-family by BRR

On the Blog

Emerging Trend: Retail Building Communities

As trends in the built environment continue to evolve, our designers have seen a new development trend popping up in suburban design projects across the country. Instead of shopping centers or strip malls, many developers are opting to create a smaller more walkable community with many amenities.

On the Boards: The Hudson Phase One

As a design firm, BRR has honed our collaborative design approach over our nearly 60-year history and we take pride in the fact that our process integrates clients and their vision throughout the entire project.