Design Process

We use a collaborative design approach that integrates our clients and their vision throughout the entire process.

Our process is more than a series of presentations and gathering feedback. We marry the programmatic needs of the project to a clients aesthetic vision and seek input along the way.

It is not “our” project. It is the clients’ project.



A kick-off meeting sets the stage for the project; we explore the scope, the timeline and the final goals.



We discuss an array of initial concepts, colors and idea boards to understand the clients’ vision.


Develop & Refine:

Our process is iterative and not linear. While developing the design we work collaboratively throughout to ensure we meet the clients’ expectations. Sometimes, it means we go back to original scope and produce new concepts. Other times, we advance a design quickly towards production.



We deliver what’s needed to build the project, from construction documents to the final design package and specifications.

Design in real time

Depending on the scope of the projects, we work with our clients inside virtual reality models to help them better visualize their projects and make adjustments in real time.

The outcome of our work ranges from traditional illustrations, to animated walkthroughs, lighting and massing studies, photo-realistic renderings to reality models.

See Our Design Process in Action