BRR is well-versed in completing complex industrial and fulfillment projects for our clients. Our industrial team recognizes that fulfillment and warehouse projects require extensive attention to detail, and they may require ASRS systems or other technologies to efficiently fill the needs of their customers.

Our resume includes projects such as new distribution/fulfillment centers to the renovation or expansion of existing facilities. We’ve worked with a variety of clients from large, national retailers to grocers and manufacturers on elevating the employee experience inside these facilities and also leveraging design to bring them up to date.

View some of our projects below or visit our blog to learn more.

Our Approach to Industrial Projects

We work with industrial owners from around the country to improve operations and achieve long-term success through an up-to-date facility. We address every industrial facility separately, learning the needs of both the owner and the employee, and implementing designs that fully address them.

We Explore What's Possible
Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

+ Is it possible for the building to support a new ASRS system?

+ What will the building codes allow?

+ Will the technology chosen require updated security features at the site?

Employee Experience

+ What new amenities can we bring to the building?

+ What is the walkability for the employee?

+ Are there opportunities to add daylight to the production floor?

Facility Footprint

+ Is it possible to expand?

+ Is it possible to build vertically?

Life Cycle

+ What materials can we choose to extend the building’s life?

+ Are there ways to support Net Zero mandates?

On the Blog

Emerging Trends Affecting Warehouse Security Design

The landscape of warehouse security has evolved over the past five years to adapt to changes in the ecommerce sector brought on by the pandemic. Before, warehouses stored bulk shipments and large pallets. Today, warehouses are responsible for storing and transporting thousands of smaller personal packages. The securit­­­y systems keeping both these products and employees safe have also changed, therefore prompting shifts in the building design to support those systems.

Exploring the Urban Warehouse: Supporting the Local Community and Environment

BRR has seen an increased interest by owners in moving the warehouse closer to and even directly into the urban core. BRR’s industrial team explored a conceptual design of an urban mixed-use warehouse space through a company-wide design charrette to get a deeper look into how BRR can help our clients further incorporate a warehouse within the urban core.