Walmart Market Fulfillment Center

  • Springfield, MO

The ever-increasing demand for efficient and contactless shopping prompted Walmart to add a market fulfillment center onto their existing retail location in Springfield, Missouri. Walmart selected BRR to design their newest fulfillment center as part of our continued collaboration efforts. The BRR design team coordinated the expansion and kept in mind the client’s need to house a three-level automated system which will fulfill online orders for pickup. The addition of the market fulfillment center adds 34,168 square feet to the existing retail space for a total footprint of 215,263 square feet.

The market fulfillment center contains an elaborate automated system and when the design process began, the BRR team focused on two words: specification and coordination. The completed automated structure houses an estimated 105 wheeled robots, which transport customers’ online orders along a series of racks. Each rack must be exactly level to avoid any obstructions or errors from the software coordinating their every movement. From levelling the foundation to defining the correct ceiling height, the team adhered to exact measurements and adjusted during the construction process.

The new market fulfillment center features three individual temperature settings within different areas: freezer for frozen products, refrigeration for fresh items and ambient temperature comfortable for Walmart team members. To ensure code compliance, BRR designers coordinated cooler and freezer installation, automation efforts and structure and civil consultation. Due to the complex and intricate nature of the project, BRR prioritized communication to establish and maintain construction goals and drove strict permitting and production timelines to ensure the client’s goals were met.

  • MarketIndustrial
  • Square Feet34,168
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