Conceptual Luxury Car Garage

  • Kansas City, MO

This 21,000-square-foot private car museum and event space combines a vintage car showroom with a private entertainment space. The team was inspired by the cars themselves, weaving together a utilitarian, form-follows-function approach for the exterior with a warm and inviting interior lounge.

The building’s exterior blends corrugated dark gray metal panel, etched stainless steel and strategic expanses of glass to reveal the interior. The entryway is carved out of the southwest corner and positioned to subtly invite guests inside. South-facing windows are minimized to help reduce solar heat gain and to protect the vintage cars from direct sunlight. Large garage doors along the south façade open to a plaza to serve as an exterior overflow space for large, on-site events.

The interior design incorporates subtle nods to car culture, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere to entertain colleagues and friends. Softened curves, houndstooth fabrics, warm walnut and vintage leathers create a sense of nostalgia for the vintage car enthusiasts. Iconic color combinations, like British Racing Green with bronze accents appear throughout the interior.

The 20-foot-long bar serves as a destination and focal point as guests enter the space. To enhance the entertainment programming for the space, a golf simulator and large wine room bookends the bar. The wine room and tasting area beyond feature a solid marble cube island for wine sampling, and wine lockers wrap the room to provide a place for guests to store their personal bottles. The lounge extends behind the bar and showroom and allows guests to access the exterior patio from the wine room.

The car showroom is positioned behind and below the lounge to create an elevated, breathtaking view from the lounge of the 50+ cars stored within the temperature-controlled garage. The showroom features floor-to-ceiling glass windows and 15-foot ceilings with museum-quality LED linear lighting above to dramatically illuminate the cars below. The north wall has large expanses of glass windows to frame views of the surrounding landscape and a nearby golf course while allowing soft northern sunlight to flood the space.