Project Spotlight: Schnucks Launches New, Wellness-Focused Eatwell Market

Schnucks grocery stores and BRR have a long-standing relationship; BRR has designed multiple store locations across the Midwest. When Schnucks decided to create an entirely new grocery store concept that focuses on health and wellness, we were eager to leverage our extensive grocery project experience to make it a reality. Our team provided guidance through the design and branding process as Schnucks developed their overall vision for the store.

Different than other Schnucks locations, Eatwell Market is an elevated shopping experience offering customers a wide variety of natural products and organic food options, with the intent to ultimately build stronger families and better communities. The main goal of the first Eatwell store was to create a space where shoppers could connect with the wellness-focused store, creating repeat customers.

BRR Architecture

Not Your Typical Schnucks

Eatwell Market pivots away from traditional Schnucks branding with a fresh new color palette, modern fixtures and finishes, and a flexible store layout. The building’s former in-line shopping center façade was replaced with a modern parapet and dizal panels to reflect the trendy and fresh interior design externally.

The inaugural location in Chesterfield, MO came with a set of unique challenges for the design team. The 30,000 square-foot space is significantly smaller than a typical 60,000 square-foot Schnucks store. The previous retail building lacked critical utility systems needed to run a grocery store. The footings were higher than a typical grocery store’s foundation, which generally has lower footings to accommodate underground utility systems. We worked through those areas to implement plumbing and refrigeration lines underground.

Additionally, BRR worked with structural engineers to ensure that the new rooftop units, soffits and wayfinding signage could be supported by the existing roof.

Fortunately, a drop ceiling did not exist in the previous space, so there was plenty of interior height to utilize for the design. Not to mention, this was an entirely new store concept for the Schnucks team, so there was no guideline to follow.

A Fresh Concept in the Wellness World

BRR played a major role in determining the overall brand identity through design.

We started from square one, brainstorming the new look and feel of the store to help Schnucks bring their vision into focus. Our team continually collaborated with Schnucks’ design team about the specific department needs – from designing the soffits to coordinating the necessary utilities. Each department features unique fixtures, colors and finishes, creating a unique experience in each space. The team added soffits and ceilings to the existing structure to allow for each department’s wayfinding signage, clearly communicating each department’s distinctive offerings.

Through fresh branding, heavy design collaboration and BRR’s deep grocery project experience, the result is a successful store format with an in-store experience that leaves shoppers feeling connected and compelled to come back.

In addition to the new branding and emphasis on organic food offerings, Eatwell Market specializes spaces to support their wellness focus that other Schnucks locations do not. The Nook is a common dining area that can be used for community events like yoga and healthy cooking classes. Their Brewhouse offers single-serving drinks like smoothies, coffee, tea and craft beer. These new spaces celebrate the connection of food, wellness and community.

The Future of Wellness Grocery

Today, the Schnucks team is monitoring the operations of the Chesterfield Eatwell Market and measuring its overall success. Schnucks hopes to expand the wellness-focused store concept into new locations across the Midwest. If proven successful, Schnucks plans to add the Eatwell Market brand as a flagship to their fleet of stores.