Eatwell Market by Schnucks

  • Chesterfield, MO

BRR recently collaborated with Schnucks to develop a brand-new grocery store called Eatwell Market which focuses on wellness and offers shoppers natural products and organic food choices. The site was a former retail space located within an in-line shopping center. Moving a new grocery store into an existing retail space presented a few design challenges but BRR worked to create a design that would successfully deliver this new grocery brand.

The project required the team to add soffits and ceilings to the existing structure to accommodate each department’s wayfinding signage and we worked with engineering consultants to ensure the space could accommodate the utilities required for a grocery store. From modifying the building’s front façade to cultivating a vibrant interior design, BRR played a large role in designing the entire space.

  • MarketGrocery
  • Square Feet30,000
  • ServicesSchematic Design
    Design Development
    Architectural Design & Illustration
    Interior Design & Décor
    Fixture/Merchandise Plan Coordination
    Environmental Graphics
    Construction Document Production
    Construction Administration

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Food with Values

Eatwell’s values and food standards are displayed boldly in the store’s nook, where shoppers may sit to enjoy coffee or ready-to-eat food from the kiosks.

Project Spotlight: Schnucks Launches New, Wellness-Focused Eatwell Market

When Schnucks decided to create an entirely new grocery store concept that focuses on health and wellness, we were eager to leverage our extensive grocery project experience to make it a reality.