Whole Foods Market

  • Tempe, AZ

The Whole Foods Market in Tempe, Arizona is situated on the ground floor of a mixed-use and centrally located building in the downtown area. Our team collaborated with the client team to establish a design which speaks to the high-energy of the neighborhood nearby. The design features bold colors, bright environmental graphics and wayfinding signage, and layers of detail along with extensive millwork. The store also offers a unique dining and lounge area, including garage doors which open to view the surrounding neighborhood. The space invites shoppers and visitors to sit down and grab a drink amidst their daily shopping experience.

  • MarketGrocery
  • Square FeetAvg. 50,000
  • ServicesArchitectural Design & Illustration
    Fixture/Merchandise Plan Coordination
    Interior Design & Décor
    Environmental Graphic Design
    Sustainable Design
    Construction Document Production
    Construction Administration