Red X Liquor & Retail Store

  • Riverside, MO

After years of flooding impacted the Red X liquor and retail store, the family owners partnered with BRR to design a new store to better serve the community. The new store is located only 250 yards from the original location, in Riverside, MO, where Red X has been for more than 75 years. The owners had not been through a project of this scale before, so BRR was able to guide them through the process with our extensive experience in grocery design.

The project included several unique challenges for the team, including how to incorporate a large collection of antiques into the fixture plan. This new store is smaller than the original building, so it was essential to utilize every square foot. Our design team reworked the layout and flow of the store to fit the needs of every type of Red X customer. We also condensed the areas that require the most employee attention and added a loading dock to meet the client’s goal of improving efficiency for team members. BRR was thrilled to partner with the owners and bring their vision to life.

  • MarketGrocery
  • Square Feet70,000
  • ServicesArchitectural Design & Illustration
    Construction Document Production
    Fixture Planning
    Site Planning
    Entitlements & Permitting

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Rooted in Riverside

The new store is located just 250 yards from the original location in Riverside. This site backs up against the levee near the Missouri River and a portion of the new store sits within the levee critical zone which required coordination and approval from the civil engineer, Riverside’s Levee District and the Army Corps of Engineers to confirm the blanket was penetrated appropriately.

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