Bolder Design Choices Coming in 2023

The beginning of a new year brings new trends in the design industry. Designers across multiple sectors have forecasted what individuals can expect to see from interior design and architectural elements. Events like NeoCon and the National AIA Conference prompt designers to explore products and applications that could be used as inspiration in the coming year. This year, our team examines the top three predictions and provides examples of how these might be used within the commercial design spectrum.

Vibrant Accent Colors
Unlike last year’s Color of the Year predictions, where almost every leading paint company chose some form of a pale green or blue, 2023 shows more variety across the board from bold pinks and blues to dusty neutrals. Designers and clients are starting to be more adventurous with color and material choices. The previous trend of neutral spaces with minimal color is evolving to much more creative spaces that use color to enhance wayfinding, incorporate branding and encourage both creativity and productivity. Designers can expect to see an assortment of these vibrant colors as accents throughout a space with the use of colored tiles, paint, as well as furniture.

Large Scale Patterns
The use of pattern was a popular trend in 2022 and something that will continue to develop this year. Designers are moving away from small, ornate patterns towards bigger and bolder patterns such as large-scale florals and oversized stripes. This trend was highlighted at NeoCon 2022 with bold patterned wall coverings, accent furniture and carpets.

Intentional Customization
Purposeful thinking when it comes to design is a topic that has become very relevant in recent years. Corporate preferences are looking at what employees really need within their spaces, and production delays are impacting what is feasible to include. This trend considers the minimum square footage needed and what contents will satisfy the true function of a space. This minimalistic-inspired design strategy provides cost-savings and allows the client to spend dollars on bold elements like soffit design, custom acoustic solutions or high-end finishes that set the space apart.

The design team at BRR looks forward to exploring new design trends each year and discovering innovative ways to design with purpose. This continual research allows BRR to bring relevant options to our clients and elevate the design for each project.