What’s mine is yours: office leaders sharing more than advice.

We’ve all heard the benefits of a collaborative work environment: engaged employees, shared ideas, increased transparency, etc. This week, our interiors team visited encompas, the Haworth dealer for Kansas City, and these were all topics our group discussed as we toured the showroom.

Taylor Stucky, a project lead at encompas, shared several trends in office design, and not surprisingly, collaboration was a key discussion point. During the conversation, though, Taylor mentioned a trend our team has yet to see incorporated into a project: executives sharing offices with employees.

The office has transformed into a space that accommodates more than a single individual. Company leaders are opening up their offices for employees to use throughout the day for conference calls with clients or small team meetings. Also, while a supervisor is working remotely or traveling on business, they will gladly leave the door open so team members can use the space. Furniture design is even providing ways for companies to adopt this concept, with desks and credenzas that have sliding components to keep confidential items safely tucked away.

This system is certainly not for every company, but many organizations consider this a move in the right direction. Not only does a shared office scenario provide a change of scenery in an office that may have limited space, but it helps company leaders connect with their teams. The focus shifts from office ranks to a team’s common goals and objectives.

As our visit to encompas came to a close, we asked Taylor if these systems have become popular in local projects. While the idea has yet to gain significant traction in Kansas City, many companies outside the Kansas City region are adopting this trend.

Thank you to Taylor and the team at encompas for a wonderful visit!

*Images courtesy of encompas and Haworth.