The tile file: porcelain vs. ceramic, and a tour at StonePeak.

A few weeks ago, some of our interior design team members were invited by Sunderland Brothers to tour their StonePeak tile manufacturing facility in Nashville. The state-of-the-art plant boasts a nearly closed-loop process that recycles almost all raw materials and waste water back into the production cycle, and is an industry leader in inkjet technology.

Image courtesy of StonePeak.

While many topics were covered on the tour, the team was reminded of a simple concept that often comes up in conversation with our clients. When selecting tile, we’re often asked about the difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile, and what the appropriate applications are for each. Essentially, both tile types start with a base of clay, minerals and water. Porcelain has a few more ingredients, increasing it’s strength and impervious quality to moisture, among other characteristics. Ceramic tile is typically more cost-effective and easier to cut, but porcelain tile is a better option when durability is a top concern.

Want to learn more? Go check out StonePeak’s blog for additional information!

A special ‘thank you’ goes to Sunderland Brothers and StonePeak for being wonderful hosts in Music City!