Students, Keep Polishing Those Portfolios

For years, BRR has stayed connected to architectural and design programs at universities across the country to provide counsel and resources to those seeking degrees in our field. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many universities are now closed and students are finishing classwork from home. However, we remain committed to the industry and are as dedicated to those students as we are to our clients.

While we cannot host in-person student tours or portfiolio review sessions right now, we are grateful to have the technology which allows us to stay connected. We recently held a 3-part webinar series to help students as they compile and polish their professional design portfolios. If you missed it, the links are below.

In the months to come, we plan on extending this webinar series with additional topics.

We wish all the students much luck as they finish out the academic year. Please keep us in mind as you search for a future summer internship or first job opportunity out of school. Connect with us here, and we’ll stay in touch.