Retail design competition produces pop-up shop concepts

With the ever-changing retail climate, brands must be strategic and thoughtful in their expansion, growth, or even initial entry into brick and mortar. Often challenged by limited funding and volatile markets, companies are exploring different avenues to test various locations and cities before establishing longer-term locations.

From our experience, landlords are also taking advantage of this trend, seeking fresh brands to fill vacant tenant spaces, and to drive foot traffic. As a result, many retail brands are thinking beyond the typical retail box to reach consumers, producing creative and engaging solutions to launch new products, generate awareness, introduce collaborations or increase their ‘cool’ factor.

Continuing with this trend, BRR recently held a company-wide design charrette in the spirit of producing new and fresh pop-up shop concepts. Mimicking the fast pace atmosphere of the retail sector, the four teams, compromising of twelve individuals across our firm, were given four hours to create a fictitious client/brand, brainstorm the design of the pop-up shop, outline a location and timeline, and provide presentation materials to convey their concept. Teams were then tasked to present their concepts in front of a judge’s panel.

Below represent the outputs from each of the teams:


BRR holds these design competitions frequently throughout the year to keep our thinking fresh for the clients we serve. All four concepts which were produced during this recent competition had a common thread – flexibility. Whether the shop is mobile or easily modified, each of the teams produced viable concepts for potential retail spaces. As our retail clients continue to seek ways to communicate their brand’s promise, we aim to deliver designs which are sure to achieve their goals.