BRR Rebrand

BRR Rebrand

When we made the decision to rebrand, three key themes guided our direction and design decisions: 1) align our brand’s messaging with where we currently are as a firm, and where we want to be; 2) represent our people through visual and written brand elements; and 3) create a bolder visual identity.

The entire design and application process was completed in-house, and after creating multiple concepts, selecting a direction, and going through several design iterations, we chose a logo mark with simpler individual elements, but one that appropriately evokes the messages and qualities we set out to communicate. The red-orange “poppy” color emits creativity, energy and enthusiasm. The lowercase letters are approachable and conversational, but still substantial and confident in their form and weight. The square feels more modern than the previous logo’s rectangle form, and gives ‘brr’ a platform to stand on.

  • Environmental Graphic Design