Our rebrand story.

We’re happy to confirm you’re not seeing things – yes, we have a new look! After nearly a year of ideation, development and implementation, we’re excited to share the new BRR brand.

Like many ideas that start off simple, this journey evolved into something much bigger. What we initially thought was going to be a “logo refresh” quickly turned into a full-on rebrand, and rightfully so – we couldn’t evolve our logo’s messaging without evolving the messaging everywhere else.

We’re proud of our new brand, and excited to share its story.

Why the new brand?

Throughout this process, we had specific goals that continuously guided our direction and decisions, but we began with a straightforward question – why do we want to go through this process? A few themes became evident, and laid the groundwork for our brand.

1 – Align our brand’s messaging with where we are currently as a firm, and where we want to be.

2 – Represent our people through visual and written brand elements.

3 – Create a bolder visual identity.

Our previous brand worked hard for us and never stopped being successful, but it was also 11 years old. The growth we’ve experienced in the last decade has spanned every facet of our business, from the clients we serve, to the markets we work in and team members we employ. It was time for our brand to reflect that growth, and speak to where we’re going as a firm.

The process

Our rebrand followed the same design process used for our clients. During the connect, identify and discover phases, we focused on gathering insight to begin establishing design direction.

We started with a workbook to gather a large spectrum of feedback to open-ended questions like “What motivates you to restyle your brand?”, “Who should this new brand identity attract?”, and “Why do your clients love working with you?” A trends report encapsulating the collective responses was created to clarify objectives that repeated themselves across team members’ feedback.

We then narrowed the focus, and asked team members to use a deck of cards with adjectives to describe how we want to be perceived, like ‘best in class’, ‘progressive’, ‘crafted’ and ‘exciting’. Each person sorted the initial set of 52 cards into ‘you are’, ‘you are not’ and ‘does not apply’ piles. The ‘you are’ piles were then sorted one more time so everyone had a list of six key words to describe BRR.

Our last exercise leading into design involved collecting precedent imagery and creating mood boards that spoke to goals and key elements outlined by the workbook and card deck. Bold type, lowercase lettering, and color blocking were key inspiration themes that became driving forces.

The new look

After creating multiple concepts, selecting a direction, and going through several design iterations, we chose a logo mark with simpler individual elements, but one that appropriately evokes the messages and qualities we set out to communicate. The red-orange “poppy” color is a fresh update to our previous blue, and emits creativity, energy and enthusiasm. The lowercase letters are approachable and conversational, but still substantial and confident in their form and weight. The square feels more modern than the previous rectangle form, and gives ‘brr’ a platform to stand on. Our respect for symmetry sneaks its way into the logo’s proportions – the ‘b’ is a third of the overall square height.

Checking off our list

We mentioned the themes that, once identified in the early stages, continued to drive and define our brand process. These themes carried us through the process and became our “check list” of what this new brand needed to accomplish.

1 – Align our brand’s messaging with where we are currently as a firm, and where we want to be.

Our new brand speaks to the evolution of our firm, and how we’ll continue to grow. It’s a visual and vocal shift from our previous brand, and fits both where we are now as a firm, and where we’ve strategically outlined our future growth.

2 – Represent our people through visual and written brand elements.

Our people are creative problem solvers, energetic doers, enthusiastic about their work and flexible in their approach. From the color, to the visual energy and conversational voice, this new brand and its individual elements are an all-inclusive perspective into the collective BRR team.

3 – Create a bolder visual identity.

From the lettering and logo composition, to a voice that is both personable and certain, we developed this brand with a goal to elevate both the identity we’ve established for ourselves, and the identity we’ve built in the national industry.

One of the boldest vehicles of change that we haven’t talked about yet is the decision to let BRR stand alone. Over the past few years, the potential for this transition wove its way in and out of conversations, and we knew it would be an early task in our rebrand process. Once we started discussing how our clients and consultants, the larger AEC industry, and our people know and refer to us, it seemed right to let our logo better reflect the reputation we’ve built as ‘BRR’.

While the total transformation of our new brand is apparent, we’re just as proud of what hasn’t changed. We overhauled our look and have established a new voice, but our mission is the same – to be a design partner that demonstrates unwavering dedication to quality work and collaborative relationships. In more ways than not, BRR is the firm it’s always been, and will continue to be.

The shortened version of our rebrand story can be read in our portfolio