BRR’s “Steamboat Willie” wins ‘Best Meal’ in annual Harvesters’ Canstruction.

On February 4, a team of employees from BRR’s Kansas City office participated in Harvesters Community Food Network’s annual Canstruction competition. Held at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kans, the 2015 Kansas City-area Canstruction featured more than a dozen “canstructures” designed and assembled by local companies. BRR’s entry – “Steamboat Willie” – took home the award for ‘Best Meal’.

Canstruction is an annual charity competition held in 150+ cities each year where teams compete to showcase structural ingenuity and creativity with their canned food creations. Team are given 12 hours to build their structures before being judged based on their structural integrity, use of labels, and appeal of the meal that can be created with a structure’s canned gods. All canned goods used to build the structures are then donated to local hunger relief organizations.

The inspiration for Steamboat Willie came from Kansas City icon Walt Disney’s first introduction of Mickey Mouse in 1928. The structure took more than 200 hours to design and build, and is comprised of nearly 7,000 cans. An assortment of green chilies, potted meat, chicken and dumplings, black beans, peas, corn and green beans is what won BRR the Best Meal award.

“As a newer BRR employee, Canstruction provided an opportunity to work with others outside my studio and get to know them better,” said Mary Rogers, an architectural intern. “We had a great team and I enjoyed collaborating with them on build day.”

To see photos of BRR’s 2015 Canstruction effort, visit our Facebook page!