BRR wins ‘Best Meal’ at Kansas City Canstruction.

Six years ago, BRR started a tradition to compete in the annual Canstruction event. This annual event benefits Harvesters, a local food bank helping to feed the hungry. The annual event is held in the winter and after the holiday season, when funds are lower and the weather is colder and gives Harvesters the ability to provide food which gives sustenance and hope to those in need.

This year was a pivotal year, as BRR and its various Canstruction teams have been successful in bringing home an award for five straight years. This year’s award has given BRR a full collection of every possible award offered including this year’s Best Meal award for our structure Angry About Hunger. The structure consists of multiple products that fulfill an area of each of the five food groups. There are over 3,800 cans and various food products to complete the display. BRR was able to raise $4,095 through employees and 9 other sponsors. The approximate cost of the structure was around $2,900 and will be able to provide over 2,400 meals. Congratulations to a great team and an awesome looking build.