A primer on retail ‘lingo’ for our colleagues

BRR has built its culture on the idea of continual improvement of both our services and ourselves. We have formed numerous internal ‘innovation’ teams, as a way to elevate potential opportunities for designers working on our firm’s projects. The Retail Innovation Team, which I am a part of, often has discussions which include terms and phrases such as omni-channel, comp sales and anchor.  

As a group we wondered: how could we introduce the retail ‘lingo’ to our new designers/interns while also refreshing our experienced staff?  The challenge was, how do we present a glossary of terms in a way that would catch and keep the attention of our employees? Make it a challenge of course! And, because we work in a world of increasing digital distraction we chose to take a step back to something more basic and familiar: pencil, paper and a 25-word crossword puzzle.  

It certainly worked. As our team walked through the office in the days after distributing the puzzle, we saw dozens of colleagues had completed or partially completed puzzles on their desks. At the end of the challenge, four of our colleagues successfully completed it.  The answer key provided ongoing education, and also provided another refresher for those of us who frequently work in this space. 

Our retail team understands that the retail sector is in the midst of extraordinary change, and the way consumers complete their purchases is evolving every day. Understanding the terms and phrases used by our retail clients is essential for us in order to provide the service and expertise they expect. 

If the crossword puzzle has peaked your curiosity, try it yourself! Feel free to download a copy and reach out to us if you’d like the answer key!

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